Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Barbara's Pet Tips #3

Barbara's Pet Tips #3

Dog Food Allergies

Please ask one of our dog food specialist for advice on what to look for in a quality food.  

Allergies are the number one complaint with dog owners.  It is most often associated with a food allergy.  Food allergies are most often caused by food additives and by-products. Before changing your dogs diet, please check with your vet about food allergies and any dietary changes. 

Certain dog food brands often mix different kinds of protein and grains in food and treats.  If your dog has a food allergy, look for a food/brand that only has one protein like salmon or chicken and avoid brands with the words "by-product".  Grains to avoid are corn, corn meal, soy, and wheat.  Look for ingredients like potatoes and rice.  Treats can be dried chicken or beef or turkey with no other ingredients.

Check the labels on your current dog food.  The first three ingredients should not contain the words..."by-product", "meal", "corn", "wheat", etc.  The main ingredient should be a protein such as your basic chicken, beef, lamb, or fish.  Then it can contain a starch such as rice, barley, potatoes, etc.  Any other ingredients should be the required vitamins and supplements required by law.  Stick to a food that contains only one protein source and one starch or carb source.  This way it will be easier to rule out any allergies.  You can start with the popular lamb and rice diets (however, make sure there are no other proteins or carbs and definitely no corn, wheat or soy).    For allergies, I prefer a fish and rice or potato diet because the fish has lots of oil and makes the skin and coat look better. 

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