Monday, November 17, 2014

Barbara's Pet Tips #2

Bird Mites - Have you noticed a strange scaly or flaky appearance on your birds nostrils and legs....or is your bird itching more than usual?  If so, your bird may have mites.  There are two types of mites that may be affecting your bird.  The first mite is most common in parakeets and canaries.  It is called scaly face mites.  You generally will not be able to see these mites because they are burrowed under the skin.  However, if you look closely at the affected area, you may notice the burrowing tunnels. 

The other type of bird mite is the red mite.  These are not easily seen either because they generally feed on the bird's blood at night.  When the bird awakens, they hide in cracks and crevices.  If you suspect red mites, try leaving a white paper at the bottom of the cage and surprise them at night with a flash light (don't frighten your bird).

The best and quickest way to treat these mites is get a diagnosis from your vet and to give ivermectin medication orally or by injection about every 7-10 days until cleared up.  It is important to get a series of treatments to kill any hatching eggs and larvae.

Our bird specialist can help you with any bird problems or questions.  Come visit our bird section to see our quality bird foods, cages and supplies.

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